Monday, May 25, 2009

May 24th 2009- Andrea's first bite!

A big Indian food buffet before a nature walk sounds like a bad idea but not only does it give the body fuel, it provides tasty burps for hours.

Karmellah and David came by to treat us to a delicious lunch (Thanks!) and then a walk in the Arboretum. The Arboretum is an OK place for herping, but we've never seen snakes (alive, anyway) and turtles are scarce. Too many dogs and kids roaming around.

This time was different, though. At a pond, Karm was zooming in to photograph a King Bird that was posing nicely and almost stepped on a garter snake that was trying to not get stepped on. We grabbed him, he musked Mike (not badly) and nipped a bit. After photographing, Andrea held him and recieved her first good snake bite in years of herping. She now looks forward to many more.
Multimedia message100_6071

Bull frogs and Green frogs were abundant. We even saw a painted turtle basking in a hidden pond.

A surprisingly successful walk, all achieved in about an hour!

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  1. I can barely see where that snake bit me, so we have to go out so I can be bitten again!