Friday, May 15, 2009

April 26, 2009: Boyden Refuge

After such an exhausting Saturday, you’d think we would have sat tight on Sunday, relaxing and rubbing our sore feet. Fuck that! It was going to be in the Nineties and we needed more herps!

We went to one of our favorite places, the Boyden refuge in Taunton Mass. This is pretty much a surefire snake place. We first found an American Toad, our first of the year. As toads do, he looked very put-upon. We found a few red-backs as well, and even got a decent pic with no snakes lunging at it!




More ‘phibs were found, including our first Bullfrog and Peeper of the year.



The squamates were a bit more elusive than we’d have liked. Much of the debris that serves as artificial cover (AC) has been cleaned up, which is good in one way, but bad for snakin’.

We did, however, find our friend from last year, the gargantuan Black Racer, in his rusty scrap pile. He slid over into his door, which we lifted for a photo op. He sped off and showed why they’re called racers.


The only other snake we saw was an adult Ribbon Snake next to a pond. I tried to get him to photo, but this little shit with a brain the size of a pea led me into some brambles and then cut into the pond and swam away… under water! Cool to see, and totally worth the shredding my legs took.


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