Friday, May 8, 2009

April 25th: Laurel Marsh Trail, CT

We hooked up with our pal Jean and hit the CT Sheep and Wool Fest (which I blogged about on my own blog here -- Andrea). Jean picked the Laurel Marsh Trail for some possible herping on this balmy day.

Right away, under one log, we found an eastern garter snake and a red-backed salamander. We learned never to hold a salamander and a snake in close proximity to each other. Unbelievably, the garter snake attacked the salamander.


Luckily the lil fella dropped his tail, and lived. The snake got some tail, and the salamander lived to tell the tale.

The garter snake, although small, had some really gorgeous coloring:


It was also our first snake (of hopefully many!) of the year!

The salamander was also our first for this year. We had discussed bringing my row counter along with us, so I could click it every time we found a red-back, but we forgot it and we only saw about a half-dozen anyway. We knew that would change rapidly.

The walk along the trail yielded some beautiful sights such as these:

Some beautiful wild flowers.

A great blue heron.

A wondrous dick tree.

The real jewel of the walk was sitting on the boardwalk towards the end. It was a wood turtle!


He was our first wood turtle -- they're fairly uncommon. Hopefully this will be a turtle-centric year, motherfucker!


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