Monday, May 25, 2009

MAY 22nd 2009

We were both off on a Friday, a rare occurrence indeed. We took advantage by taking a herp trip to Boyden Refuge in Taunton. It's nearly a sure fire snake place, so it's a favorite.

We explored new areas of the refuge and, while the snakes remained fairly scarce, it was a phib-tastic day! We did see two snakes... a fleeting glimpse of a ribbon snake disappearing into the grass (I missed it- Mike) and caught a young garter snake.100_2804

The frogs were out in force!

We saw pickerel frogs,
wood frogs
and bull frogs.

We saw dozens of redback salamanders
and our first red eft of the year.

We even found a painted turtle on land. She emptied her cloaca all over, then hid inside her shell... like any self respecting chelonian would.100_2821

It was the day of the toad, though. We lost count of the American Toads that we saw on this 4 hour trek. Big ones and little ones and they all looked put upon.

We even saw a swan with her goslings!

An exhausting but successful day.

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  1. My cloaca. . . let me show you it!
    xoxo. . . I love you!