Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I have been up to... 8-7-2013

Well, I sure missed Andrea when I was working at the Comic Con, but I'm happy to know that she got out and about to Borderland on Sunday! She made some great discoveries, too!

After the Con on Sunday, our guests Rachel and Jessica wanted to see if we could find any herps, so the four of us went over to Forest Hills Cemetery in hopes of a turtle or two. It was a bit too late in the day for that, but there were frogs all over the place! The trouble was, they were just too fast for me to get any shots! I did manage a decent pic of this juvenile Night Heron, though!
Juvenile Night Heron

This Bullfrog noggin is the only  herp shot I could muster!

But we enjoyed the beauty of the place all the same, Rachel in particular, as she is a horror writer in the Gothic tradition!

I went out on my own on Tuesday, August 6th, to Allendale Woods. I got there around 5:15 PM and took a stroll. Again, frogs seemed to see me coming long before I got there! I finally managed to catch and pose this new Bullfrog... the only one out of dozens, most of whom squeaked and jumped away from the camera, leaving just a ring of ripples for me to see.

A dry (but still muddy) creek bed provided me with some excitement... I flipped a dozen Two-Lined Salamanders! Most of them did the Two-Line Shuffle before I could get a picture, but here are the ones I was quick enough for:
2-line 1

Further up, I flipped a big rock in the path and this guy was under it... a wee American Toad!
I went to flip the rock back and this guy had moved in under it already!

I got to where the creek still had some lightly running water and started flipping again... it was an embarrassment of Two-Lined riches! Here are 11 more photos, bringing my final 2-lined count to 18! That might be my record! And I missed plenty of them!
2-line 2
two-line 3

Not too bad for under two hours!!

Today, Wednesday the 7th, I went up to my friends Kate and Snag's house to see their kitties. I also checked for Dekay's Snakes... and found two relaxin' fellas!

Well, that's gonna have to hold me over until this weekend, when I can get back out on the trails with Andrea. We both admit that we need each other to find stuff. Besides, we also really really want to herp together! I didn't marry her to not herp with her, y'know!


  1. Is this "your" song?:

    Herpers in the night
    under the branches
    Wondering in the night
    what were the chances
    We'd be flippin' rocks
    before the night was thro-u-u-u-gh!