Monday, August 5, 2013

Herpin' After Midnight! 8-2-2013

Or rather 8-3-2013...

Our friends Rachel and Jessica were in town for the Boston Comic Con, an event that would keep me from herping with Andrea over the weekend. I had noticed that my friend Snag would have his bar The Angry Scotsman open that Friday evening so I figured that we'd take our guests to my mpersonal favorite bar!

Snag is always a great host and he kept us happy and most of us slightly likker'd up. We stayed for a few hours and decided that, with a crazy busy day beginning in just a few hours, we should get heading out! But Rachel and Jessica asked about Snag's healthy colony of Dekay's Snakes in his back yard... Andrea and I were only too happy to show them these cute snakes on the way back home!

It was after midnight and I wondered if these wee nocturnal serpents would be difficult to find. But sure enough, a flip found this youngster, which is being held by Jessica here!

There weren't many under rocks, but we did manage to find one other...

Thank you, dear Snag, for letting us rummage through your wall after midnight! Being my only snakes of the weekend and Rachel and Jessica's first ever Northern Brown Snakes, we can't thank you enough!

The next entry here will be by Andrea, who made a trip to Borderland with our friend Lisa... and they made some surprising finds!

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