Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tuesday Night's Allright for Herping! 8-13-2013

Nice weather. Both home by 6 PM. Let's herp, dammit! We headed to a favorite spot in Suffolk County, not more than 10 minutes from our home. With only a couple of hours before sunset, we thought that the less time on the road, the better!

Well, 6:30 wasn't too bad. We were (are) still without one camera, so it was Andrea's high-falutin' Nikon and my pocket camera. It was very skeetery, especially near the water, but I managed to get this first shot of a Bullfrog. Or a Bullfrog puppet. He looks a bit like a Cecil puppet I had as a kid.

We flipped some concrete slabs that always seem like they'll have a Racer or Milk under them, but never do. Getting ready to leave, I flipped a tiny piece and we got a County first... a Ringneck!!
A really pretty one with belly spots, too!
Things were looking good!

The puddles that were teeming with Green Frogs just a couple of weeks ago were dry... and filled with tire tracks. I hope they all got out safely! Nearby, this American Toad hopped along!

Over by Sly's home, the pond had pretty much dried up. It was till moist and muddy, but there was no standing water. A log flip got us this Green Frog, who had refused to leave the pond, water or not.

As I was returning him to the log, this adult Green hopped across my path!

As if things weren't already pretty groovy (4 species in about 15 minutes), we flipped a long board, looking for coils. We didn't see any, but just as we were returning it to it's place, I saw a salamander. Big Redback? Hell, it looks like a Dusky, almost... I was about to say that when we both got a good look at it and it dawned on us simultaneously... we just found a Blue-Spotted Salamander!
Not a bad find for Mid-August! They are a species of special concern in this state, so we were extremely careful while photographing it!
We'd heard of them being here; it's why we started coming to this place way back in March. But actually seeing one... in mid-August no less, really made our day!

But then, this is a pretty special place. I mean THIS-
is within Boston's city limits.

By the way, that deer watched us herp for a bit, then trotted off.

We got to our trusty Garter flippin' rocks eventually. They weren't as full as past times, but this neonate was coiled under one! What a bruiser!

It took a bit of time and work for our next snake, but this larger Garter made it worth the wait.
We let him go back to bed...

Our next and last snake was another skinny-mini Garter... he couldn't have been more than a few days old!

It had gotten dark on us, so we headed back through the woods. We had to put on our headlamps and walk quickly. (This place says it closes at dusk and while we can't get locked in, I don't want a cruiser waiting by our car at the parking area...) Andrea spotted one of her patented Beautiful Green Frogs® on the way out.

So while we might have been eaten alive by mosquitoes (and we were), we'd do it all again in a heartbeat! 2 hours of great herping, 2 County records and a lifer for us! Best. Tuesday. Night. EVER!


  1. It would only be better if we didn't have to work the next day!

    1. Every evening would be better if we didn't have to work the next day!