Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mah babies are growin' up! 9-30-2011

We dropped by to say hi to our friends up the street. Yes, they have a stone wall in their back yard. Yes, they are kind enough to let us poke around!

Anyhoo, the wee new born seen here (or one of his siblings) seems to have had a meal or two! Now he's officially a shoestring!

I'm so proud.

Incidentally, there were some Redbacks nearby that were almost big enough to eat him!

That's all. Just happy to see a Friday night snake!


  1. La naturaleza nos asombra en todo momento y nos hace pensar cuán misteriosa es. Un beso x dos Martha

  2. Eso es cierto, Martha! Estas pequeñas serpientes viven en el patio de mi vecino y nadie sabe que están ahí!