Friday, September 30, 2011

I cheated on my wife... 9-21-2011

Or at least that's what the woman at the pond in Allendale with her dog suggested.

Truth is, I hate herping without Andrea but since the weather was nice and Snake-Count week was coming to a close rapidly, I decided to take a quick solo walk. It was Andrea's suggestion. I swear!

Walking along with the camera clanging against my chest sucked. Having to keep an eye on both sides of the trail sucked. Not having Andrea near me REALLY sucked!

OK, I saw no snakes, either. I saw some Redbacks, but they were tough to photograph while holding up the log, fiddling with the camera and then pointing it... most had disappeared by the time I was ready. This guy threw me a bone.

The pond was quiet (except for a dog chasing a ball being heaved way out there by his owner, the aforementioned, scolding woman). This Bullfrog was massive... could have eaten the dog if he got close enough!

There was a tall water bird standing on the other side of the pond... I couldn't figure it out so I snapped a shot. He looked back at me in disgust...

Upon getting a better shot, I realized that it's a Cormorant... wading. I'm so used to seeing them diving or standing with their wings open that it really confused me for a bit. This guy was very big, too. A tall fella for sure.

Well, I only did an hour in there. I missed my wife. So, I went back to the car with nothing to add to the week's snake count. This Chipmunk laughed at me as I got into my car and left.


  1. Cuando fuimos a NY me enamoré de las ardillas que viven en el parque. Martha

  2. Las ardillas son ahora muy activa ... la recolección de alimentos para la hibernación!