Saturday, August 27, 2011

8-18-2011- LBS update

We were having a quick visit with our friends Snag and Kate and, as usual, they were kind enough to let us flip a few rocks on our way out. If you recall the very end of this post, we had what we thought was a very pregnant Dekay's Snake. Well, lookie what we found! A newborn!

This lil' fella was barely more than 3"!!

It's interesting to note that young Dekay's are darker and their neck has a bit of a ring on it. At first glance, I thought I had a Ringneck. So tiny was he, that I couldn't pick him up alone... I needed Andrea to scoop under his chin and grab him. There was just no body to grab!!

Further along the wall was a cute and normal sized Dekay's.

Man, I wish this was our yard!! Luckily, we have such awesome friends that we can look around whenever we want!!! Thanks, Snag and Kate!!!!


  1. ¡Espero que pasen ese terrible fenómeno atmoférico, sin problemas!!!!!¡Las fotos,como ya es costumbre, magníficas!Les mando un beso grandote para los dos y los gatos. Martha