Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You just can't take us anywhere #2- Oct. 2 & 3rd, 2011

OK, believe me... we love our friends Kate and Snag a lot! That's why we often visit them... to hang out and talk, sample beverages and just enjoy each others company! Can I help it if they have a known colony of Dekay's Snakes in their yard? Trust me... I'm NOT using them for their snakes. I love them dearly.

That said, we went by on Sunday, Oct. 2nd just to chit-chat a bit. We did stumble into the backyard and start flippin' stones, too. It just... happened.

These two guys might very well be the same Redback Salamander and Dekay's Snake from last Friday, seen in this post. I dunno, but I thought I'd show the pics anyhoo!
The Dekay's liked the look of Andrea's warm jacket sleeve and inspected it...
And settled in for a nap...

High above, this Crow was cawing, looking for some peanuts. He got them.

* * *

The next day, Monday October 3rd, was my work's Company Picnic. We always have our "summer" party at my boss Ira's house in Lexington. I had seen snakes there before,(here), so I figured that I'd bring my camera... just in case.

Ira is always telling me about the many happy and healthy Green Frogs that live in his (very beautiful) Koi Pond. He wasn't kidding! There was nearly a dozen just hanging out!

While leaning in for a quick snap of a Green Frog, I saw this wee Garter Snake laying there, nearly in the water!

Then, just before the company group shot, my lightning-like reflexes caught this Green Frog, much to Ira's horror.
He called my hand a Frog Straight-jacket.

Hey! Anyone want to have us over to destroy your stone walls, trample your flower gardens and harass your local fauna? Just give me a call!!


  1. ¿Cómo sobreviven estos pequeños seres en invierno?Cariños Martha

  2. Que pasar a la clandestinidad y esperar a que los meses de calor! Esa es una buena idea! Me gustaría hacer lo mismo!