Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pre-Hurricane quickie! 8-27-2011

With Hurricane Irene bearing down on us and my daughter's wedding mere hours away, we had one thing on our minds. Let's fit in a quick hike!!! Of course, Allendale is the closest, so... that's where we went!

The air was thick... you could feel the pressure of the impending storm. I wondered how that would affect animals. Well, we saw no snakes, but amphibians were not bothered!

First up was an always welcome Spotted Salamander!
This pic isn't great but I love the way that his otherwise-hidden spots reflect in Andrea's ring!

The pond had a bunch of Bullfrogs awaiting Irene...

Nearby, a Two-Lined Salamander was hanging out under a rock. He was like lightning and we almost didn't get a photo!

Anyone up for a handsome Leadback-phase Redback?

Look at how perfectly symmetrical this mushroom split!

So, I'll bet you're wondering... but isn't this the year of the toad? Didn't you see any toads? Come on you bastard... stop holding out on the damn toads! You bald headed cretin!!!

Ease up... Andrea finally found one! Here again, she demonstrates the proper way to be dainty while toad handling. This is a cute American Toad!

So, we got in a quick hour and a half hike, we made it to the wedding (which was lovely, thank you) and made it through Irene AND a family visit!

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