Friday, September 3, 2010

July 11th... because we can

We stopped by Allendale Farms to look at veggies and maybe grab some cheese. It's fresh, it's good, and it's right across the street from our beloved Allendale woods! You never know... there might be a snake amidst the tomato plants!

What we never noticed was the pond out back! We strolled over and enjoyed the beauty of a heretofore unknown pond! And it was full of frogs!

Bullfrogs and bullfrog tadpoles were all over! In all sizes!

If only all of our shopping trips could be this rewarding!


  1. Such cute little frogs and toads! Perhaps they’ll turn into princes!! Mike, I’m sure it’s a pleasure to take photos of those little animals. I keep visiting your blog. Martha

  2. Thank you Martha! It's a pleasure to know that one of my favorite artists likes MY blog!!!

  3. We should go buy and get more of the onion and garlic cheese. :)