Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9/5/2010- Boyden- now with 33% more ass!

Apologies to those folks who do not want to see my ass (mostly... everyone). Two of my friends (oddly enough, heterosexual men)asked to see my butt again, so I will warn you... it'll be here.

Anyhoo- we got a really early start and got to Boyden at about 8:30 AM. The grass was still covered with dew and it was cool. That didn't help us find any snakes though! Pickerel frogs, however, were out and about!

Redbacks were around as well...

This poor guy was the first to go on my ass (area... admittedly rather high...)
Redback on my ass
Hey proceeded to crawl up and under my shirt, tickling the hell out of me!
Redback walking up under my shirt

We did eventually get lucky and find a lil' shoestring garter snake!

Stay tuned to the end to see the torture we put this guy through...

As they often are in Taunton, toads were well represented!

A pond that is usually there was all but dried up... so we walked through the muck and found lots of frogs, both pickerel and green...

And tons of snail eggs...
Snail eggs

And even a leadback phase of the Redback!

In one beach area, there are always holes dug with turtle shells scattered around, leading me to believe that skunks or raccoons dig them up and eat them before the young chelonians have a chance to hatch. I was happy to reach into a moist hole (easy, now) and dig out empty shells... these guys hatched and were already gone- out in the world doing important turtle things!
Empty turtle nest

It was also an avian-heavy day. There was a group of 4 hawks right overhead- 1 large and 3 medium ones circling above.

Geese and swans had taken over all of the good turtle basking spots!

That didn't seem to bother the two guys in the background here...

I barely got a shot of this beautiful Pearl Crescent Butterfly.

One spot in Boyden had become a girly magazine bonfire area. A few months ago, there just appeared in the middle of a trail, a huge pile of half burned magazines. Someone had disposed of their collection (or had it disposed of by a furious partner). At any rate, having sat there for a while in the rain and sun... the charred magazines had become pretty decent habitat! These ashy pickerels and redbacks are a testament to that!

So, all in all it was a pretty good day, though arriving so early didn't really give us any breaks.

OK- With apologies to Martha, my Mom and anyone else (i.e. everyone in the world...) here is Andrea bravely holding a garter snake where one just shouldn't hold one...

Garter snake and my ass

(Next time, I'll photoshop-shave my rear end better...)


  1. I love the "This is my butt" tag!!

    BTW, the 2nd "toad" photo is actually (*ACTUALLY!!!!*) a pickeral.

  2. Oh dear! You're right! What a space case I am!

  3. Querido Mike:espero que edites un libro con esas hermosas fotos!!! Cariños,Martha.

  4. Debemos tener la foto de mi cabo derrierre del libro! Por favor! ;)