Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/4/2010 Allendale woods on short notice

We hadn't planned on a hike. But we had to go to Home Depot. We pass by Allendale. It was only natural to stop by, even if only for a quickie! *hmmmmm*

Well, we had a pleasant enough walk, but it was late afternoon so we didn't have much time and the possibility of snakes was minimal. We made it to the pond and saw a heron hunting, probably having better luck finding herps than we were!

It took off and amazingly, Andrea got this shot... barely! (The camera was off and NOT at the ready!)

Once SeƱor Heron was gone, some frogs started coming back into sight. least this one Bullfrog did!

We also found a redback on the short (only an hour and a half) walk.
The wee fellow dropped his tail on me!

After shopping (and buying a dryer) we went over to the Dedham Animal Rescue League to play with cats. That's always fun. Every time I'm there, I like to walk the grounds to see the outdoor animals... horses, bunnies, pigs... and to flip stuff. It just LOOKS snakey!

Well... it was! I flipped some wood over near a bush and this young garter snake was coiled up underneath, resting on some gravel!

Quite a beauty he was and it was a great note to end on as we headed home for some dinner!

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  1. That was a particularly lovely garter! Oh, and I forgot to mention that I love all the innuendos you put in the posts.

    Did you ever notice that innuendo is an innuendo? (In-You-End-Oh!)