Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 19th... bite me

This entry doesn't really count because it was just me, Mike, without Andrea.

I was at our company summer party at the boss's house. There are some nice woods behind his house. He has regaled me with stories of garter snakes. I took a walk.

On the way back from my woods walk, I heard a sound just off the path. There was a good sized (2 1/2 footish)garter snake. I picked him up. He bit. Hard. In 3 different places. Repeatedly. He never calmed down, striking towards my face as I inspected him.

Of course, I had no camera. I only have the wound to show. It looks like he was missing his front teeth. The bites shows him sliding backwards, creating a leaf-like bite print. Quite lovely, actually.
Bake Snite

If I knew that I wouldn't get out herping for the next TWO WEEKENDS (inclement weather and prior commitments...), I'd have made out with this sexy little snake!

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