Monday, May 30, 2011

May 27th, 2011... After Work Special

With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, Andrea suspected that she'd be getting out of work early, so if she did, we were going to plan a late afternoon stroll through Hoar.

She did. So we did!

We pulled in at about 5PM. We realized that we'd never been there on a truly warm day, so this was new for us! Would it be too warm for sallies? Let's see!

Our first herp was a VERY active American Toad, who displayed an extremely spotty belly and enjoyed flailing around!

He soon settled and decided that hanging limply was his best defense!

Redbacks were at a minimum, as they often are when the temps get higher, and when we did see them, they had some good speed, making them difficult to photograph! This guy was a tad slower...

We got to one of our favorite parts of Hoar, a lovely pond/ stream, and were greeted by the sound of a detuned banjo string getting plucked... the Green Frogs were calling! There were quite a few!
(Feel free to use this pic for future Valentines cards!)


Then, cruising down the stream like the Hoar Ness Monster was a large Muskrat!! Very cool indeed!

There was a painted turtle mucking about under some duck weed, but he eluded our cameras! The bastard!

As we moved forward, we started wondering if we were going to see Hoar's signature herp... the Spotted Salamander...

We did! A pretty big guy, too!

Being warm, even the spotty was pretty active!

We added in a nice Leadback
and a small toad...

and headed home... very happy with our quick (hour and a half) excursion into nature. But it should be added... it was a buggy as fuck!


  1. ¡google no responde!Si ├ęsto se imprime...¡Maravillosas criaturas!¡Te felicito!!! Un beso Martha Barnes

  2. Gracias, Martha!! Un abrazo!