Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lucky Friday the 13th.

Mid-May and the weather blows... literally at times. Cold and rainy and lots more on tap. The only good weather has been on Fridays which I have off at the moment, but Andrea does not and I will not herp without her.

Friday May 13th was another instance of it being nice enough to go out, but Andrea had jury duty instead of work. So I stayed in. And fell asleep. At 4 PM she called and said she was free so I woke up and hurried to pick her up. And we went to Allendale. A couple of hours in the evening is better than nothing.

So, it was in the low 60s, but surely there'd be some redbacks and maybe even a spotty!

Oddly enough, we flipped some wood from the fallen down house (which has been partially dispersed) and found a cool Garter Snake! So we photographed the holy hell out of him!

So, we'd found a snake late on a cool day! Anything else would be gravy!

The gravy included... a redback...

our first Painted Turtle of the year...

and some fine looking Bullfrogs!

It should be noted that last year, we saw no snakes at Allendale and we haven't seen turtles there since the first time we found the pond 2 years ago! So I would say in was a successful- and lucky- early evening walk on Friday the 13th. (We were only out for about 2 hrs, too... very quick for us.)


  1. Now that's good luck!

  2. ¨¡Hermosas fotos, hermosos animalitos!!!Un beso Martha

  3. Muchas gracias, mis amigos!