Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 6th- What are we? Crazy?

OK- the weather this Saturday was unseasonably warm. It's not like we thought we'd see any herps or anything, but why not get our winter-fattened asses out and take a nature walk?

We figured we'd stay close to home and make our way through Allendale Woods.

It sure felt good to get into the woods again and flip some logs. The little orange centipedes were already out in force... some pals we'd not seen since November.

We heard and saw woodpeckers and Andrea got this shot, which we THINK is a Hairy Woodpecker. It's a bit larger than a Downy (almost robin sized)and has a longish beak.

With no leaves on the trees, it was a different place and some of the spots that are usually tough to reach were much more accessible.

We decided to prepare some of the snakier places for future flipping. In doing so, I found this cocoon with bulging larvae in a pile of roof-tiles.

The pond was still pretty much frozen, but lovely all the same.

The melting ice had the waterfall in action.

Right alongside the pond, Andrea flipped a log and found these... slug eggs! (Thanks to Jef C. Taylor for the ID!)

A couple of female downy woodpeckers were in the trees above us but we couldn't get them on film. But the resulting picture is pretty cool. They may be in there somewhere...

I struck my sexy coy look while crossing the stream. I looked neither sexy nor coy...

Dad-gummit, it sure felt nice to stretch our legs and take a nature walk! It was about 55 degrees and beautiful! It wont be long before those herps come back and make these walks even more special!


  1. Next weekend -- hopefully! Let's aim for a first herp photo this month.

    xoxo. . .I love you!

  2. I couldn't believe there weren't any turtles out basking today. Gabe Montague saw a bunch down in Providence, so I bet they'll be out soon!