Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Last Herp of 2009... November 7th.

It was a perfect Indian Summer day. Low Sixties. We got a late start but tried to fit in a nature walk, probably the last one for 2009. It was 3 PM. Sundown in an hour. Allendale beckoned.

The floor of the woods was covered with fallen leaves and trails were covered. You could see through the trees so we were very disoriented.

It turns out we went a way that we never even knew existed. There was plenty of beauty to be seen.

We found places that, when the weather is warm next year, might be good herpin' spots.

But with a mere hour to look around, we had to start back towards the car, herpless.

We continued to flip logs and stuff, but it was looking bad. After all, it had already snowed and it had been fucking COLD!!!

Hey! Guess what?! We found a redback under a log! Intrepid warrior that he was, our final herp of 2009 was waiting to be see and get his close-up!

So ended 2009's herping. We had some good luck and some lousy luck, but any time that you can get out and see nature, it's not bad at all.


  1. Is this Mike H who visits my site at



  2. Uranium Willy, I'm not Mike, but his wife Andrea. I went to your blog, and with the content being what it is, I can surely say that it is the same Mike H.

  3. Oh, and Mike -- I hope we can find the way when we finally do get out to go on a nature walk in the spring! Let's hope that in two months we can start -- early March!!!!!

    xoxo. . . I love you!

  4. Tis me, Señor Uranium! The only thing that I love more than a good sleazy movie or comic is finding a snake in the wild!