Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friday the 19th Part 2

Well, since it was so nice, Andrea decided to blow off the gym and we went to the Arnold Arboretum to take a quick walk before sunset. You never know... there might be some turtles and she too can see some winter herps!

It had cooled of a bit, but there were some avians out enjoying themselves...
Red Winged Blackbird steppin' out
Like this high-steppin' Red Winged Blackbird!

Sexy Grackles
These sexy Grackles!

Robin blorange breast
A Robin!

There were even some goldfish splashing around in the pond!
"Wild" goldfish

But were there any herps?

Why yes! A lone Painted Turtle was catching the last rays of Winter sun! We could barely make him out, but there he was!
Chelonian Thunder

We rounded out the short walk with some lovely flowers.
Crocus n' violets
Honkey crocus
White wildflowers

Crocuses, turtles and happy birds. Adios, Winter!

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