Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Herpin'... seriously!

OK... this was 2 weeks ago.
Snow, rain... cold. I hate post-summer weather in the Northeast with a burning passion.

So, with a forecast of 70 degrees for the last day of October, we said "what the hell? There may not be snakes but there might be sumpthin'!". Surely any snake worth his scales would have tucked away for the winter by now.

So, Ponk it was because, when all is said and done, it's close by and it's our favorite walk.

We were happy to see a few dozen redbacks still enjoying 2009. Some were fairly large.

This fella was still growing back a tail...

We saw one painted turtle catching some rays...

So... any snakes? Sorta...

This wee ringneck couldn't have been born more than a day or two ago.

He was feisty, exploring our hands and stuff. We faced the moral dilemma... he's so small... do we take him in for the winter and head-start him? Or do we let nature take it's course and either A.) Something eats him, B.) He freezes or C.) He eats something and finds suitable hibernation facilities and we'll see him in the Spring. He was so cute, it was a tough choice.

We decided to let him be. We're telling ourselves that he'll be well and in good spirits and we'll see him next year.

But he would be an excellent meal for a very small milksnake...

Well... that might be it for 2009! It's nice-ish out today, though... you never know.

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