Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturday September 5th- WE NEED SNAKES!!

After closing out August with two full weekends of prior commitments and shit weather, we finally got back into the woods on a sunny and warm Saturday. Of course, Ponkapoag was our destination.

We were admittedly a little out of practice but we decided to walk the entire length and go around the pond.

The first herp sighting was a lovely little toad that made himself at home all over Andrea

Pickerel frogs were all over the place... the tadpoles have definitely morphed. They were jumping all over, though they proved very hard to catch. I finally nabbed one.

There was a massive water snake hiding in some reeds, sunning himself. We couldn't get a picture to do it justice, but he's in there...

We also saw a heron

and a pike

We took the boardwalk through the bog for the first time this year. It was beautiful, as usual. There were a few snakes out and about, like this fella...

and some cool pitcher plants.

Still, we hadn't caught a snake. We were so out of practice. I was going to flip a stone when I looked back and saw Andrea causing a commotion about 20 feet behind me. She'd grabbed a garter that was in the process of biting the shit out of her. She released him and he stayed his ground, striking and looking fierce!
Truthfully, it was amusing because he was pretty small.

We saw a redback enjoying some dampness under a log.

And I finally caught a snake... a shoelace ringneck.

As we were leaving, this green frog bid us farewell.

Maybe we were a bit out of practice but we had a blast and that's what counts, you douchebag.

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