Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 16th- Only time for a quickie- at Allendale

Twas a Sunday afternoon... hot, humid... we needed snakes. Time was short. We hit Allendale.

There has been a lot of work going on there, with crews outlining paths with rocks and logs. It makes for easy trail walking (the gravel blows chunks though) but we got ourselves all wound around trying to find the fallen down house section. We did see new areas of Allendale, but with the clean-up and organized trails, it was starting to discontent us a bit. This toad echoed our concern...

My brain was becoming as twisted as vines...

We went off trail and found new, weird places... but no snakes.

We finally found fallen-down-house place and much to our relief, it hasn't been cleaned up. There was evidence of snakes
But no snakes.

We walked toward the pond and were greeted by a slender pal...
He just sat there, so we got a closer look.

So did he...

After musking the living fuck out of me, he posed for pix

We let him be and went to the pond where we were greeted by bullfrogs

Unfortunately there were some kids there, fishing and smoking and not saying "hello" back to us. There was a lot of litter and a number of dead fish around. It really made me sad. If these punk-ass fuckheads are catching fish and killing them, then my hatred for them knows no boundaries and I will beat them senseless.

Take care of your local wildlife, you shit-bag humans. Animals have way more right to the wild places than you do. Respect it or die. Period. Oh, and read the signs... it's a law, motherfucker.

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