Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4th- Inde-Peepers Day

We went to the other side of the Blue Hills to see something different. There is more human activity there, so we usually avoid it. But what the hell... 2nd day in a row of herping so anything would be gravy.

We went to the main entrance and bought a map, which is something we've needed. We checked out the "Turtles of the Blue Hills" pond that is on display outside to see some cute chelonians.

We decided on a fairly small (2 1/2 mile) trail and set out to see what was around. There were fat, Ellie-like toads.

There were a couple of quick garter snakes that handed us our asses. Redbacks were around as well, as was a wood frog.

The best part of the hike was a pond that was thick with peepers. They were all over, all were tiny and hopping all around. They were under rocks, stuffed inside logs, swimming, and just everywhere. One enterprising young garter snake was hunting but we couldn't catch him. We spent an hour looking around this secluded pond.

A green frog watched us behave like two year olds.

Did I mention that the pond was filthy with tadpoles and newts? It was!

On the way back, we finally caught a young garter snake, who musked me and I wiped his vent on a fern. Nature's toilet paper.

I'd call it successful.

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