Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 11th- Hale Reservation... Bleh

We tried Hale Reservation in Westwood last year one time on a dreary day and saw many frogs and one snake that went by in a flash. So, we decided that it deserved another chance on a good day. This was a good day, weather wise, so to Hale we went.

OK, this place has more human traffic than we like, so we picked a trail to stay away from the main pond. Well, so much "let's make this the family camping place for people who don't really like nature" construction was going on that our trail disappeared somewhere around a group of foul smelling, diaper filled dumpsters and a pile of work trucks. Getting a bit pissed, we turned back and went around the main pond.

Whatever, when there weren't other humans around, there was some beautiful, secluded places to enjoy nature (though the sound of frolicking homo-sapiens was never really out of ear shot).

Besides the new cabins being put up all over, there has been much clearing of growth and brush around the pond. Like we said... nature for people who don't really like the outdoors. 3/4 of the way around the pond, we finally saw some turtles sunning themselves from very far away and (for the first time) took out the camera to snap a few grainy shots.

We continued up a root covered path and saw 2 wood frogs.

For people who nature walk as much as we do, we noted just how grueling a 2+ mile hike through the woods on uneven paths is when there's no animals to keep you excited. We both wished it was over an hour before it was.

Hale- you've really ripped your pants with me. Next time, we'll just go to Ponk. Good day to you SIR!

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