Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sometimes, the Tank is Empty. 5-28-2017

Overcast Sunday, temps in the mid 60s. It could have been a good day for finding things but we were lethargic, to say the least. We decided to go to a Blue Hills spot to look around for Racers since we haven't had the pleasure of their company (or teeth) yet this year. We took a walk around the reservoir, added a couple of birds to the year's count and saw lots of toad tadpoles.

We flipped plenty of rocks in hopes of a Ringer or something but saw none. No Redbacks... you know, I just didn't have it in me. It's tough to admit but I was feeling my age a bit. After completing the circle, we decided that we didn't need to explore this spot any further and headed over to Garter Beach (far away in time).

It was flippin' weather for sure and we were greeted with yet another spot that has had "improvements" made for humans. Some of our cover had been removed. We made our way to the cliff and saw a Garter skitter into a crevice. I got a shot of him through the other side.

I flipped this guy and almost had a disaster... the rock slipped. He was unharmed this time but check out that scar on his side.

This place, full of broken glass and trash, is a surprisingly good spot for Garters, DeKay's and the occasional Green. (Dom found one here today, I'm told! Good job!) There are some lovely wild Rugosa roses growing among the rocks as well. What better way to humiliate a shoestring Garter than this?

A Garter on the move...

I turned over a stone and this guy had no idea I was there. In the blue and out like a light.

Feeling lazy, it wasn't long before we decided we'd had enough. We headed back to the car. On the way, right out in the open on the "beach", this Garter was moseying along. A good sized one, too... over 2 feet, I'd say.

A pretty lackluster Sunday, really. I mean, we enjoyed ourselves but it certainly makes for a dull blog entry for the two readers I have who might like some razzle-dazzle. Eh, I'm tired. I think I'll lay down for a bit.


  1. but i liked the snake in the flower!......... i've had the flu (bernie had it and decided to share) so i was in bed most of the's the weather too............ none stop cold and rain

  2. That park manages to get grosser and grosser every time I visit, which bums me out, as the snakes seem to be doing great. It was filthy with garters today.

    I'm glad Ryan is relaying you guys my successes, infrequent though they may be (although it has been an awesome week)!

    1. Yes! It sounds like a killer week!!