Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Catch as Catch Can. 5-13-2017

And the weather continued to suck...

We were faced with a weekend of cold; temps barely into the 50s, wind and rain. Since it was supposed to rain heavily on Saturday night, we figured we'd try some road cruising and hopefully get our first Grey Tree Frog on the year. We headed out for dinner at roughly 9 PM, ate and hit the road to Plymouth County by about 9:45. We got to our spot about a half hour later and started a slow, crawling cruise. Of course, it wasn't raining very hard here... just a light misting. It was good enough for Peepers, though. Here are two of the dozens that we saw.

The only other amphibians that were out on this cold (47°) evening were Redbacks. They were plentiful. It never fails to amuse me when I see these guys up and alert in the road.

We reached our turn-around spot and headed (very slowly) out. The rain started to pick up and I had to stop to move plenty of Redbacks and Peepers out of the way. Andrea started to doze off in the passenger seat. Finally, I saw something a little bigger on the edge of the road, and I got to photograph our first Grey Tree Frog on the year.
While moving him off the road, I took him to Andrea's window to see him. Kind of like breakfast in bed, but with tree frogs.

We got home at almost 1 AM. Was it worth it, the hour and a half driving, the wet and cold? Yup. It has been absolutely miserable since then, too. Until today. The warmth and sun finally returned on Tuesday (May 16th). In fact Andrea saw these two Garters on the way to the train station.
Nothing cooler than seeing a snake in an urban setting. Or so I'm told...

Hopefully, we can get our butts out this weekend and get back in to the swing of things.

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  1. but yous saw FROGGIES!!!!!!!!! *btw i am submitting a froggie to the pws show.........wish me luck at even passing jurying