Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekday Wanderings- Oct. 15th and 17th

We've been having a glorious Indian Summer (or Native American Summer, or Indigenous Peoples of the Americas Summer... I try not to offend) and I just couldn't help myself. I hit some trails after work on Wednesday and Friday, the two nicest days of the week. I didn't see a ton, but I'm happy with the bonus herp-time!

After work of Wednesday, I headed over to Cutler for a quick look-see. It was lovely but it was after 4 PM so it had started to cool a bit. My first herp was at the tunnel... I went over to flip a small rock and saw a rustling in the grass. It was a wee Garter shoestring! I moved him to the ledge of the tunnel and let him move himself along.
For size reference, that is a detached top of a spray-paint can.

The woods were darker and cooler than expected. That's just fine for a small Redback, though.

I decided to go to our usual destination, despite the day's warmth rapidly coming to a close. I'm glad I did. A spot in the trail where bike folks have put down boards (MY boards) to cover a soft spot revealed three Red Efts!
That is why I never made much fuss about my boards being stolen... they still provide cover for animals that want it. Flatter animals.

My board line was decimated last year, but then I started to rebuild it. I hadn't been up this far in a while and I'm happy to say that it's still more or less intact. It was cool and wet under much of it so it was snakeless. This stunning Leadback was up there though.

On the way out, I saw another Eft.

So, I call that pretty good for a Wednesday! I had less luck on Friday as I couldn't extricate myself from work as quickly as I'd hoped. I got to Allendale after 4 PM and it was cool in the shady woods already. I made a quick hike and came up with a couple of Redbacks and a couple of Two-Lines.
allendale pleth
allendale 2-line

This late in the year, you never know what is going to be your last of any species. Will that shoestring be the last snake of 2014? Will I see any more efts? Herp as herp can, I always say. It ain't over yet!


  1. Great stuff as always, guys! I bet you see another snake before winter.

    1. Thank you!

      You might be right about the snakes! ;)