Friday, October 31, 2014

Ending October... 10-31-2014

We were pretty sure that with the weather changing, last Saturday was going to be our last big(gish) herp day and, as of a week later, that has come to pass. We made an attempt at a confused Dekay's Snake in our friend's yard on Sunday, Oct. 26th, but found none. We did, however, find a six-pack of Redbacks!

I made some attempts after work on Monday and Wednesday but came up empty. I did mange a decent shot of a Song Sparrow (#60) that was hopping along the path at Cutler on Wednesday, though.

So, October is over and we're officially into "I hope we can see anything" season! On a good note, when tallying up my birds, I realized I had given #15 to two species. So, I sit at 96 rather than 95! Only 4 to go to reach my Big Year goal! With two full  months to go and, I'm told, some good winter birds here, I feel pretty confident.

Did you ever get the feeling that this post was a mere space-filler? You'd be right.

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