Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Post Squamate Blues 10-27-2013

The seasons have shifted and no longer will snakes be our focal point for herp trips. I guess there is a chance that we might see one or two wayward coils again this year, but our herp trips are turning towards the amphibians... for as long as they'll have us.

So, I had been in bed since Wednesday. Come Sunday afternoon, Andrea thought some fresh air might do me some good. She certainly needed some, what with breathing in my sickness all day. So we took a quick walk through our Suffolk County salamander haven. To be honest, I spent a lot of time sitting on a log while she flipped.

I did, however, flip a few things and indeed found our first salamander... a Redback!
S is for Salamander.

Andrea was being way more aggressive... she was wading through the mud, flipping heavy logs in a dried up vernal. Her persistence paid of. She called to me... "Blue"! So, I had to actually stand up and go over to where she was!

She had found two Blue Spotted Salamanders in the time it took me to get there...
The smaller, dark backed guy was being nutty, but she managed to get a twofer shot all the same!

Back up on the path, she flipped a log that had a Redback...
AND a Blue Spotted!

When she picked up the Blue to return the log into position, he went into defensive mode! We had never seen one do that!

I flipped a long, healthy Redback.

Andrea next found this beautiful Spotted Salamander!
Quite a photogenic guy!

I finally earned my keep with a Redback/ Blue Spotted flip!

From there on, we saw many Redbacks. Here are a few of them...
This last guy was teeny, but we didn't have a dime. Trust me, he could have fit on it!

An area that had retained a couple of puddles (man, we need some rain!) had some Green Frog noggins poking out.

Well, that is all we saw. We diligently flipped some rocks that were in the sun on the off chance of some snakes, but none were about. I mean, it was only 55°, so it wasn't surprising!

But it felt good to get some air and watch Andrea find some herps! Now excuse me... I'm going back to bed.

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