Saturday, November 3, 2012

On the road to Chiller 10-26-2012

The last time we were at Cutler (and having a decent snake day), we suggested that, if the weather is nice, we could always take a hike before heading off to our annual October Chiller Theater convention in October! Well, the weather was supposed to be in the mid-60s, so that's exactly what we did... a 3 hour hike through Cutler before the drive to New Jersey!

We got there at about 9:30 AM and it was a bit cooler than we'd hoped. Still, Cutler gets pretty warm when the sun is out. But would it come out? It was still a bit cloudy. (The sun never really burned too brightly during the hike)

No worries... about 15 minutes into the hike, I turned around and saw Andrea with a pert little Garter Snake!
A lovely little fella who had some interesting dark scales along his lip...

So, a late-October snake! Anything else would be gravy! Like this array of Redbacks and Leadbacks!
Spotty one!

Two separate puddles had two separate Green Frogs...

I caught a Grasshopper on the end of my snake-stick. He wouldn't let go!

So, on the way back to the car, right around the same place as Andrea's Garter-Grab 2 1/2 hours earlier, we saw another Garter!
So, as noted by Anon a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but pick him up!

Say... is this the same snake that Andrea caught earlier? Sure looks like it!

After much debate, we have decided that it is indeed the same snake! That said, the second time we handled him, he got very comfy and even stayed in position when Andrea removed one hand... forming a good impression of the Starship Enterprise.

So we let him go and off he went...

Will he be the last snake of 2012? Well, I'm writing this a week later and it has been cold ever since, so I don't doubt that he will be la Ășltima serpiente de 2012! I'm happy that the lil guy gave us BOTH the chance to admire him!

We're not finished herping this year, but we are being realistic... there probably wont be any more snakes to find.

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  1. I want more! I guess now that the season is over I should focus on posting all of this to the database.