Sunday, April 30, 2017

Coils for a Cold Afternoon. 4-30-2017

Friday and Saturday, in the 80s. Sunday... 50° with a "real feel" of 45°. Not much herping to be done on a day like that. But intrepid warriors (idiots) that we are, we decided to hit up a Norfolk County place where we've seen Garters, Dekays and Greens. We made Greens our targets. We figured that anything we might encounter would be flipped. We were right.

Instant gratification again... we flipped a couple of Garters right away. The second one has an infected eye. Hopefully, that will clear up one way or another.

A cliff side that usually has good flipping stones had changed a bit. It looks as though some of it fell, taking the loose stones with it. There has also been some clean-up which I can't really complain about... this place is filthy. Still, two mini-coil shoestring Garters were present.

A couple more that we encountered, the first one that went all bookmark on us and the second of which gave me a real good musking when I moved it.

Rain had started to fall, making the cold even colder. We headed to the car. On the way I flipped a small board that had a Redback, a slug and a Woodlouse Spider under it.

Last sighting was a fairly large Garter tucked away in some leaves under a rock, waiting for warmer weather to return. Like us.

No Greens, no Dekes, no errors and at the end of an hour, it's Garters 7, Redbacks 1. We'll be back after these messages.


  1. I made the mistake of heading out today without a jacket- and I don't remember heavy rain being in the forecast!

    Of course, the garters aren't deterred...

    1. I figured we'd flip a couple of them. Intrepid little guys! That's one of the many reasons I love them. But yeah, it was damn cold!