Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ending March Alone 3-31-2016

I had a friend at work today... a Varied Carpet Beetle.
Varied Carpet Beetle

Since the temps had hit the 70s and it was supposed to be cold with possible snow this coming weekend, I decided to hit a local spot on the way home from work on this windy Thursday. And windy it was! Branches were bending and breaking and leaves were swirling all over the place. But I had gone to look for turtles so I couldn't be swayed, not even by winds strong enough to actually sway me.

I kept an eye out for little striped squamates as I walked along as it was warm enough but this place has been tough for snakes for the past couple of years. Likewise, Redbacks and Spotted Salamanders haven't been as plentiful as in the past. Rocks and logs were flipped but herps were not present. The pond came through, though...
That chorus line is a slider with a six-pack of Painteds! Right behind them was another pair of Red-ears.
Evidently, this is a popular pond to dump your sliders in. Humans, as I often say, suck. These three look like they're doing well, though.

The other side of the pond had some small Painted Turtles owning the big logs by themselves.

Mission accomplished, I moved on. I kept flipping and watching for herps but I saw none until I got to our favorite Two-lined stream and immediately started seeing quite a few of that species.

I have to idea what this weekend will bring but my ride home from work was pretty satisfying today. I also got a cherry Slurpee. Good times.


  1. i love the turtles stack on each other's butts
    that made me laugh

    1. Stacks of turtles!! Love love love!