Saturday, November 21, 2015

Never say never say never again... Late November, 2015

Not much to update, really. We are in preparation for Sea Turtle rescue so we went to an on site meet-up in Dennis MA on 11-15-2015 for last minute tips. There are many of us ready to help, though the warmer climes have kept turtle strandings to a minimum thus far. While we were down there, we walked the beach and saw no turtles, but added a couple of birds to our year and lifer counts.

This is a scene I will be seeing a lot of over the next month... Andrea vigilantly patrolling the beach.

We spotted a Snow Bunting, lifer #137. Despite being fairly cooperative, I just could not get a clear photo. Oh well, I'll probably get another shot sooner than later.
Snow Bunting #95 Lifer #137

While the "class" was going on, I noticed some smaller birds running around near some gulls and got #96 on the year and Lifer #138, Sanderlings.
Sanderling #96 Lifer #138

One other notable sight was a couple of globs of Squid Eggs, or ocean ooze as I called it.
Squid eggs

We are headed back for beach patrol tomorrow (Sunday Nov. 22nd) but we wanted to look for salamanders close to home on Saturday. It was surprisingly sunny during the late morning hours though it was only about 49°. We went to a nearby place to look for Ambystoma, though we found none.

Truth be told, we thought we had a shot at our Ribbon friend from two weeks ago and we were right. Sitting just outside of his den was Robles, the Ribbon Snake.
Hey, Robles... it's November 21st! OK, OK! You're our latest snake ever up here... go underground!
The sun was warm but not that warm!! Get thee into hibernation, sauritus! We really don't want to see you up again this year.

The only other herps we saw were Redbacks, like this single flip beauty.

I got a triple flip with a Leadback, a Redback and a Goldtop.
That Goldtop is a Deluxe and bears closer examination...
Quite an interesting color phase.

So that's what we've been up to.

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