Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hurthday Burping. 5-21-2015

I had about an hour or so to do some quick herping after work so I took a turn and went to Lost Pond. It was overcast and 70°.

My first encounter was a pair of Redbacks... one red, one lead. They were under a piece of bark.

This fella had a whole log to himself.

I found a spot that looked superb for Ringnecks, but no wee black coils were found. I flipped one rock that was half in the ground and saw this:
Catocala ilia

Huh?? I turned him over.
Catocala ilia
Even weirder!! I have asked Tea and she says it is a Catocala ilia. Cool!

A fortunate flip of a moist log and I saw a large, healthy Spotted Salamander.

I moved him to put his house back and couldn't resist getting a glamour shot with the ferns in the background.

Heading back out, I went to the pond itself to sit in the just-returned sun and listen to Green Frogs croak. There was a guy not far from where I sat, though he was quiet.

So that's that! Quick and relaxing.


  1. Wow great shots of a Catocala!! All great!!

    1. Thank you! I had no idea what I was looking at there!! haha!