Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A half hour on a Wednesday... 12-17-2014

It hasn't been sub-zero for much of this week and it has been rainy so I figured that if I had a chance  after work on Wednesday (forecasts were calling for 50°), I'd take a quick walk. Of course, the sun sets so early now that I'd have to hurry. I blew off the company Christmas party and decided to see if any salamanders were up at Brook Farm.

I pass a pond in Newton on the way home and I've been noticing what look like Hooded Mergansers hanging out there for a week or so. Sure enough, with my zoom lens, I was able to see that yes, they are indeed Hoodeds!
Of course in the setting sun, I couldn't get great shots, but it's still a thrill to see these guys among the Canada Geese and Mallards that are usually here.
That front guy was preening so much I'm surprised he has any feathers left.

As I pulled into Brook, I thought I should keep my eyes open for deer in the fields as it was dusk. Umm.. ask and ye shall receive! A White-tail Deer was grazing on the far end of the field.
Next year, I'll be trying to photograph and ID 30 species of mammal. Wanna bet I don't see one of these guys all year?!

But I was there for salamanders and I only had about 15 minutes before it would be past dusk and I'd be officially trespassing. The vernals are super-full right now so many of my pond-side flipping logs are submerged. But a rock I call Old Reliable was just that once again... a pair of skittery Redbacks were there, for a moment at least!

With that, I called it a success and headed out to get home and write this thrilling report.

You're welcome.

De nada.

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