Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Snake!!! 11-9-2014

After Saturday's bird-fest on Plum Island, you'd think we would have stayed in on Sunday! Well, we would have... it was going to be cold. But we hadn't seen a few of our friends for a while so I planned to attend a comic show in S. Attleboro and Andrea wanted to attend a nearby Stitch-n-Bitch. So, with a tear in my eye, I dropped her off and we parted our ways for the morning.

The comic show was fun and it was good to see some friends that I hadn't seen for a while. But driving back, I noticed that the sun was up and, while it was still cool, it was warm under the shining rays. So, I headed back home as quickly and dangerously as possible and packed up Andrea and we headed over to Forest Hills Cemetery to see if any turtles were basking.

Of course, there were none. BUT, we saw a pair of Buffleheads swimming around the pond!

Well, at least we tried for some reptiles.

We were also caring for our friends cats that day so we swung by there to peek in on the kitties. Hey, why not flip a few cold stones in their garden to see if any Dekay's are up?! Surprisingly enough, at 57°, there was one!
Our first November snake... ever!!!

There was also a Redback in the yard!

So, even though the herp season was already declared officially over, one young Dekay's Snake made us happy to never say die!

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