Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Am Curious: Birder 1-23-2014

So there I was, heading into the Star Market in Watertown (maybe it's a Shaws, I honestly don't know). Ladled all over the parking lot, right near the entrance, were griddle-gulls and griddle-geese, just laying there. Why they were laying in the shade on the concrete in 7° temps is anyone's guess but I thought it best to walk slowly through them, so I wouldn't disturb them.

While at the checkout, I remembered that I had my pocket camera in my pocket and hoped that they would still be there upon my exit. Well, someone had pulled in and were throwing potato chips out the window for them and the gulls were in a frenzy! I got to my car and looked around the side of the store... there were the Geese... and some Ducks, all griddle-like in the sun!
How many pounds of duck-bill do you think that is?!

The potato chip folks drove over and started a new ruckus! I decided that my new box of Rice Chex wasn't so precious that I couldn't share with the wildlife! They came...

As I drove away, I noticed that where the chip car was, there was a pile of noshing birds, chomping away. I wonder what became of that car and its occupants...

So, it looks like I have started my Big Year!
1.) Canadian Goose
2.) Seagull
3.) Mallard Duck

Herping will commence soon.

After being thoroughly beaten to a pulp by Birder and all around genius Bob Ferguson, it is with great pleasure that I update the big three with the correct names...
1.) CANADA Goose
3.) Mallard Duck


  1. Hermosas fotos!!!!!Mike ¿Estás mejor?¿y Andrea? Hay
    y algo nuevo en mi blog.Los espero Unbeso x2 Marha

    1. Yo estoy bien, tú Martha-gracias! Me siento mejor!