Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks... 11-27-2013

While we were both stuck at work on this Wednesday, the weather was trippy... 62° and pouring rain. The cold was to come in the night and freeze everything but we thought about one thing... Salamanders. With the prospect of an early release for us both (the day before Thanksgiving, y'know), we made up tentative plans to do a quick run through Brook before the temps fell. Well, we did it and got there at about 5:30. It was already pitch dark and still raining.

Of course, our target was any Ambystoma, be it Spotteds or Blue Spotteds. We flipped a lot, but saw nothing and the temps were dropping. But persistence paid off and we flipped a beautiful, small Spotted Salamander!
Officially our latest Ambystoma! And what a cutie-pie!!!!

The rock right next to that one had two frisky Redbacks, one of whom skittered into a hole. The other one was too fast for my camera.
Andrea had more success.

We flipped and flipped as the temps dropped and our breath became visible. Some of the previously dry areas were filling in nicely. Andrea was exploring a dried up vernal that was getting nice and mucky...
That bundle of joy under her jacket is her camera being protected from the rain. She is NOT in a family way!

We got to a pond-edge and got an unexpected surprise... an alert Green Frog!

He was our last animal as we kept the trip very short. (We're still not sure how legal it is to be here after dark.) It sure is tough to photograph in the dark (as is evidenced by my Redback shot!) and our headlamps don't really throw enough light for that purpose. But hey, we had three species in an hour on November 27th!!!!!!!

Something to be thankful for, indeed!

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