Friday, May 10, 2013

Urban Dekays 5-10-2013

With family plans and not much of a chance for herps (though we certainly will try!) tomorrow (Saturday the 11th), we took advantage of both the warm weather and the generosity of our good friends Kate and Snag and headed up the street to flip rocks in their garden. They have a healthy habitat back there that has given us Dekay's Snakes and Redback Salamanders in the past.

We got there just before dusk... prime Dekay's time. It didn't take long...
This first flip was the largest snake of the night.

The next guy was fairly small.

A medium!

We saw 3 Redbacks as well, but they were much faster than the snakes tonight! This is our only photographed guy!

Another coil!

Our fifth and last Dekay was a teeny but feisty lil fella... squirming like crazy! We finally got some good shots of him!

These are the first Dekay's we've seen in their yard this year, and it's good to know that they are still plentiful so close to our home! Many many thanks to Snag and Kate for once again allowing us to barge in on them! It is very much appreciated!

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