Saturday, April 13, 2013

Back on our feet in the Northeast 4-13-13

Damn, it seems so cold! That's because it is. I don't think it actually hit 50° today, though it might have. I've been battling the grip all week and wasn't feeling any better this morning. Also, it was raining and cold, so I took a nap after breakfast. I actually woke up feeling a bit better, so we headed over to Cutler... still cool, but not raining.

We were walking along the trail, deep in discussion when Andrea nonchalantly reached down mid-sentence and hauled up this Garter Snake! What an odd face!
Well, he didn't like me much because I was poking at his chin trying to wipe off what is obviously a scar! He settled down for Andrea though so we could get some nice shots of his scarred face!
He was actually quite a dear. We put him back and he cooperated for some decent in situ shots.

We soon after flipped a large Redback on Racer Alley, in some fairly sandy soil.

Racer Alley didn't give us much else on the way out (except a deceased garter that was stiff and gnawed on), but on the way back, we saw a large Garter laying next to the trail.
About 2 1/2 feet easily. And at her tail, a smaller guy...

I couldn't resist trying to pick up both at once.

We let them go and went on our way. The trails were cool and we didn't see anything else, but we flipped some Redbacks!
These two were practicing a synchronized dance routine.

In a rocky spot, I flipped a handful of Leadbacks!
I thought I had missed a fourth, but I believe it was the tail-less guys tail that flip-flopped away into a crevice! Sorry 'bout that, sir Plethodon!

Another flip found a nice bright red one.

Well, it had gotten cooler; the sun had retreated behind the thick clouds for good and it wasn't going to come out again. We had just a bit more to flip, then we headed back.

BUT... one of those flips produced this tiny coil!
The wee-est of the wee Dekay's Snake!

Our first non-Garter in the Northeast of 2013! We released him and he went back to his hiding spot.

So, not too shabby for 3 hours in the cold! But damn, I sure wish the warm weather would come! And stay for good!

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