Saturday, January 19, 2013

The ground is frozen, Brah! 1-19-2013

The temps were going to scrape the 40s for the first time in a week... and for the last time for weeks (maybe months!) so we went to our favorite semi-local pond in Norfolk County in hopes of seeing a salamander or two, but mostly to scout for the spring. We've never found the elusive "Duck Pond" on the map... because we always forget to actually take the map on hikes!

There was a lot of parking available... like next to this car who had a broken windshield thanks to a falling limb!

We got to a favorite winter spot to look for some Two-Lined Salamanders. Other mammals had preceded us recently...
Looks like a dog and perhaps a raccoon?

Sure enough, there was some 2-Lined larvae present!
(There are 7 and a tail present in this shot!)

We dropped in a penny for size comparisons...

That was fun! But it was still very icy, despite the fair air temperature. Flipped rocks had ice under them, so we doubted any Redbacks would be up. We were right.

Icy, indeed!

So, with map in hand, we searched for this so-called "Duck Pond". In truth, it was quite easy to find... with the fucking map! And man, are we psyched for warm weather!
Plenty of basking spots for chelonians and snakes! This place should be excellent for many herps!

We have already figured out a way to add this to our usual itinerary at this particular place! We figure we could add at least another half dozen herps every trip! The paths leading to and fro look like excellent snake habitat as well!

Really boss Andrea habitat too!

So, herp-wise, we found about 10 Two-Lined larvae today... not bad for a day where the ground is frozen! Our second species for 2013! But better still, we learned a bit more about one of our very favorite places... knowledge that we think will increase our sightings in the future!

We leave you with a tree that will not be standing much longer...


  1. Replies
    1. I couldn't have done it without you, my dearest love!!

  2. Looks like a big racoon left those prints...could it be a cat type animal???

    1. Those smaller tracks look like striped skunk tracks to me:

      The bigger one is, of course, a canine. Many people walk their dogs there.

  3. ¡Alli hace mucho frío y acá mucho calor Brrr!!!!Avisame cuando hagas el libro,(te voy a hacer algún dibujo)..
    Tengo otra historieta en el blog. un beso x 2 Martha