Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Hurps do so much. 9-23-2012 at Ponk

After the previous day's marathon hike, we were uncertain if we'd have the strength to get out on this sunny Sunday. But, of course, the lure of September Hurps was too much... how can I deny what's inside?

A minor technical dilemma started the day... the good camera which had charged all night wasn't turning on. While I pitched a fit, swearing and kicking the cats, Andrea suggested we try the other battery. *whew* It worked. I love that camera, well never mind. I'd have been crying all the time.

Ponk was next in line, so that's where we went! I wore shorts and a light shirt. I froze my ass off. It was damn cold! It looked like it might be shaping up for a Green Frog only kind of day!

We saw this mini-Snapper (only a shade bigger than a snapling) basking on a rock. We tried not to laugh as he lost his footing and slipped into the water. I helped him out and we got some close-ups.
Thong plastron!

At least the sun was warm, but the wind off of the water was chilling! These Painted Turtles enjoyed baking their dark shells!

A Pickerel Frog was even basking! I'll bet that water was icy!

Eagle-eye Andrea spotted a Water Snake laying down in the sun, trying to stay warm...
I picked him up to help warm him. He's very much ready to shed!

Redbacks are becoming plentiful again. Remember last month when we couldn't find them? Seems like forever ago. We still can't photograph them for shit, though...

Hey, look! It's a chubby American Toad! He was under a rock. I thought about joining him!

This Redback has a red back. Funny how that works.

The Big Star of the day came next... a Snapling!

Andrea couldn't resist humiliating him; she made him model the latest acorn fashions.

He really gave her the stink-eye on his way to the water...

So that was it. Not too much to speak of. I got really sullen after flipping tons of rocks and finding no snakes. It was the second day in a row that hammered home the fact that it's getting cooler. We walked the last mile to the car, a flurry of emotions... the winter is coming...

December herpers got it bad...
December herpers got it bad...


  1. ¡Tortugas antidiluvianas!!!!Prehistóricas!!Hermosas!!! cariños x 2Martha

    1. Parece que hemos encontrado algunos dinosaurios bebé! Abrazos X2

  2. Hi! Love checking out your adventures. Notice that you head to Borderland SP regularly...and that you take great wildlife pictures. Borderland SP has a monthly photography contest. You should submit some of your pcitures to the "Wildlife" category. http://www.friendsofborderland.org/photo.html

    1. Thanks, Amy! We have been meaning to submit a pic or two to the Borderland contest! Actually... I thank you for the reminder! The Northern Water Snake head shot in the water(that Andrea took)from earlier this month is a stunner! I'll try to get in gear and submit it!