Monday, July 16, 2012

Looking for shoestrings... 7-14-2012

We just checked in to see what condition the pregnant Dekay's condition was in.

We were visiting Kate and Snag and wanted to see if there were shoestring Dekay's Snakes all over, because three weeks ago, there was a very pregnant gal ready to burst!
(That was here:

Kate said that she had seen some small ones, so I figure all is well. I flipped some stones, but saw nothing. (It was very warm- in the 90s, so I'm not surprised there wasn't much action.) I flipped again right at dusk and guess what I found... another pregnant female!!

Smaller than the other but just as full o' babies, she had a very slow slither!

Snag is not a big fan of snakes (though he respects them) but even he is very happy about these "in a family way" snakes... it means he has a very good ecosystem in his back yard!!

We couldn't be happier either; to have such great friends and a nearby colony of Dekay's is a treat indeed!

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