Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NEVER SAY DIE!! Nov. 20, 2011

Still mild as November went on. Mid-60s. Why the hell not hit Allendale?

It was a lovely day for a hike, even though I had a cold and we were a bit tired. But still, a balmy November day held the promise of herps. Well, maybe not... it had been DAMN COLD Friday night. Frost and ice. Still, there might have been someone out and about.

It became clear fairly quickly, however, that despite the lovely weather, most herps had retired for the winter. We enjoyed the fresh air, exercise and the walk, but admittedly, we wanted to see some animals.

We got so desperate, we took a shot of this big Earthworm!

He was pretty impressive.

We were almost done, having walked for over an hour, flipping everything possible and the car was in sight. I flipped a log.

Ooh! Redback! I grabbed him. No, just a worm after all.

No wait! It IS a Redback!!! (I told you I had a cold!)

This one lil fella had forgotten to hibernate, so we happily photographed him and sent him packin' for the winter!

See you in the Spring, Señor Redback!


  1. ¡Los animales tienen frío y se esconden!!!Espero que mejores tu resfrío y que visites mi blog.Les mando un beso. Martha

  2. Sí, los animales son en su mayoría en estado de hibernación! Los echo de menos!

    Gracias por los buenos deseos! He estado enfermo durante 3 semanas!

    Voy a visitar a su noche blog! Eso siempre me hace feliz!