Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7-2-2011 WE FOUND LOST POND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, not such an impressive feat, really. It's well marked and even has a boardwalk leading to it.

Anyhoo, we checked out Lost Pond Reservation in Chestnut Hill, a place I pretty much drive past every day. We only had time for a quick hike, so we tried something new.

It's a very beautiful and green place. When we had walked a ways, we saw the boardwalk leading to the "lost" pond itself. Next to the planks, this large Green Frog was waiting for us.

The pond is a truly beautiful sight, sequestered deep in the woods, which are themselves hidden behind a neighborhood off of Hammond Pond Parkway.

In this serene setting, one of the most beautiful Bullfrogs that I have ever seen was enjoying a soak. Bright green and yellow, this guy was stylin'!
Beautiful Bullfrog
The duckweed was super thick, but he didn't mind.

Tis the season and yes... tiny toads were there too!

We found this Redback Salamander...
And she was guarding something special... her eggs! (I think... they may be slug eggs- they both look similar, but I'm going with my gut.)
Redback Salamander eggs

We only spent an hour and a half in this lovely little spot, but plan to return soon. No doubt there are Garter Snakes there. A notice also says Spotted Salamanders and Painted Turtles live there. Yay! More to find!


  1. ¿Dónde sacan tan bellas fotos? Martha

  2. Andrea tiene una cámara muy agradable y un ojo agudo!