Thursday, July 1, 2010

May 16th- This one had to hold us!

Hot on the heels of our fine day at Breakheart Reservation, we'd thought about relaxing the following day. But knowing that we'd be moving for the next month, we stepped up and took our nature walk! Fatigue be damned!!

We got a late start, but pulled into the Ponkapoag parking lot by 11:30.

A favorite pond yielded some anuran pals... this Bullfrog

and a Pickerel frog!

Our first snake was this beautiful Northern Water Snake... the friendliest guy ever! He didn't even attempt to bite- a real water snake rarity!

This photo needs the Scooby-doo sound effect "Brmmph?"

So mellow was he, Andrea asked to hold her first water snake!
Andrea's first water snake

There were many other Water Snakes out that day, including the return of the Ponk Ness Monster!

While I was running all over looking for more snakes, Andrea was being charmed by this female red-winged blackbird!
Female redwinged blackbird

Redback Salamanders were well accounted for as well. But we have so many pictures of redbacks that we wanted to try something different. So I put him on my face. Believe me... this tickles something FIERCE!!!!
Crying salamnder tears
Crying Salamander tears.

Andrea took this shot of a duck perching on some rocks. He flew off as she snapped and made it a much better picture!!

Our last animal was a little Ringneck Snake, our first of the year.
He was a beautiful specimen.

OK, as I write this it's July 1st. We haven't been in the field since May 16th. But now we are all moved and (more or less) settled so LOOK OUT! We're going to be in the woods more than in our new house! We've been missing wild animals so badly! We were tempted to take Sunny the Ball Python outside and hide her under a rock just so we can flip it!

Vacation starts in one day... guess what we'll be doing!!!

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  1. I had forgotten about most of this visit -- thankfully we took photos.

    xoxo. . . Andrea