Monday, April 19, 2010

April 12th 2010- last minute decision

It was the day after the Boston Comicon which was the day after a late night rock show and we were TOAST! I was sitting at the computer and was wondering what that bright stuff coming from in between the curtains was all about. Damn... it was sunny! Who knew?

I went outside to test the weather. Warm. Possibly herp warm. So we went to Allendale... close by and easy to make into a short walk if need be. We knew that the following weekend we would be out of town, so it was Nature Walk or (at least) a two week nature drought!

Our legs were weary as we walked those trails but we were greeted by some redbacks.

This guy was about an inch long...

We saw Paul Stanley's grave.
Paul Stanley's grave?

Digging through some gunk, I startled Andrea by saying out loud... "Oh my goodness..." Here's why!
What a nice Spotted!

Now THAT'S a fine hunk o' mander! Even this woodpecker was impressed!

Later, Andrea flipped a log and found another spotted and two small, nearly black sallies. We think they might have been leadback phase redbacks, but they were really cantankerous and ran all over. They were impossible to photograph and one dropped his tail really easily.
Cantankerous 'phibs

Our day was completed not with snakes, but with more redbacks,
Translucent critter on my arm

and some Deer and Raccoon (or the baby from IT'S ALIVE) tracks:
Either the baby from IT'S ALIVE or a raccoon print

A tattered Question Mark Butterfly capped the 3+ hour walk! (He can be seen in the far left of the deer track shot as well...)

I guess we had a little steam in us after all!


  1. Great day! Love the big spotty.

  2. Groovy! Suddenly I'm interested in salamanders. So sad about dead old Paul Stanley....

  3. Good Golly, I love that spotted salamander. I wish we could have one as a pet!