Saturday, June 6, 2009

May 30th- Something new

Since we were more or less in the area (Scituate), we decided to see the sights at Wompatuk State Park in Hingham. We know there are herps there. There just weren't many today...

We had a lovely walk through the trails, but other than a wood frog (that owned me) and a bull frog that dove away, the walk was fruitless.


Just before we returned to the parking lot, a Green Frog put on a show for us, as if in apology. Thank you, SeƱor Greenfrog.



A chipmunk taunted us with its cuteness...


We hit the spring on the way out for some nice water and found the furthest pond, which looked more promising. Sadly, the smell of death was all over the place because there was a large dead snapper floating there.

Another Green Frog tried to please us again, though.


Driving home, we cut through Forest Hills Cemetery and we have good news to report... Big Snapper was still around... this time basking on an growth in the pond, exposed due to low water level. He slid in while we watched.


We also got yelled at by a Red Winged Blackbird because her baby was learning how to use wings in a bush that we were near.


We can't wait to get to somewhere snakier...

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